Friday, October 23, 2009

Just today

Man, today has been strange so far...not necessarily bad, just strange. I haven't done anything very out of the ordinary, I got up this morning, read the WORD, woke the kids, got them to school, then headed into town to take care of some business.

I think the reason I am finding my day strange is because I am having a difficult time staying focused. I have so many tasks to complete that I cannot keep them straight. Like this morning. I went to the bank to close some unnecessary checking accounts, and the bank was not open. Next stop on the other side of town to register my vehicle. After waiting 15 minutes for them to open, I realize I forgot cash...(what is it with the licensing people and no plastic?). Got that all taken care of, then decided to get my drivers license. I have no idea where to find that, so I plug the words vehicle licensing into my phone navigator. I am on my way into Vancouver now to get it done, my cell phone is on one bar of battery with no way to recharge, other than to pop my battery into Kurts cell phone, when I realize it is NOT vehicle licensing I want! (they don't do both in the same place in Washington) so I turn around. This would be a good time to go to the bank and take care of my accounts, but do I remember? NO...make a list you might say. Well I have about 4 lists on 4 separate pieces of paper that I cannot find.

I had a great accomplishment day yesterday. Got so much done, including setting up my craft room. I was hoping my husband would be happy that I accomplished the other stuff...he was probably satisfied, but focused mostly on the fact that I had the time to set up my craft room.

I like the fact that I don't have an outside job, not because of the time I have for myself...because believe me there really isn't much, but for the fact that I can accomplish errands and tasks, and my house stays relatively clean, and the kids are safe, and I can be there for all of my family members. I like that I can pop into the bank, or the DMV at times where there isn't a crowd. I think it works perfectly because I need to have the no crowd option as I am in a time crunch to pick up my lovely from school at noon.

I want a job sometimes tho just so I can say "I worked today...see? I did not have time to myself, I was locked away at work just like you." Either way, if I have the luxury of being able to accomplish errands during the day...and cannot get them done because I am so disoriented from being in a new place...then maybe I am really not doing my job.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our New House.

It has been my pleasure to have lived in the town of Astoria, Oregon for 6 and a half years. Our family found a wonderful church family after only living here 5 months. I have met people here who have become near and dear to my heart. I have learned that Oregon is a wonderful beautiful state to live in. I have learned that there are people I meet, and they seem to not like me, but once I have hung around long enough, they have no choice but to get to know me. Some after that decide they like me, and some do not. I am ok with the ones who don't because life goes on, and I learned to concentrate on the ones who do. I have learned that rain or shine there are still things to be done.

I will miss Astoria, somewhat for the landscape, not at all for the weather, but mostly for the people who have become near and dear to my heart. It is with a heavy heart that I pack up my family and leave. It saddens me when I go to the store and realize I won't recognize all the clerks, and for a long time, won't always know someone everywhere I go. I will have to learn the layout of a new grocery store, and probably get lost a few times on the way to our new house. I will miss the times we have had here at 6th street. Emily was only 13 months old when we moved here, and Haley was born here. Pattie Boullie was the best midwife I could have hoped for. Dr. Ram an excellent pediatrician. It took me too long to find Kallie at LaBoheme, and I think I will schedule hair appointments for the days we will be in Astoria.

There are things to look forward to in La Center though. My husband no longer living away during the week has to be the biggest one. The peace and quiet of a private country setting. Beautiful fall pictures of my girls, and the fact that when my friends come to visit they will more than likely stay the night.

My hope is that we will come back to Astoria periodically and that my friendships will not be lost. I know what moving can do to friendships, but I also know that God is in control. What does he have planned? That is a good question, and I hope that he will use me and my family in great ways. Thanks for reading my little piece of the world wide web. Blessings.

Monday, August 24, 2009

I knew something was coming, I just didn't know what. How easy it would have been to just keep things the way they were. I mean after all, life was running so smoothly.

We got a call this morning that the offer on the House had been accepted. Oh how I shouted with glee! So excited. My head was spinning, I did not know just what to do.

Rewind to a month before to present. All the time in between I had been thinking about how absolutely perfect my life was. Not stuck to a schedule, lots of summer trips to be had. My husband giving me lots of little breaks...some long. Then the dry spell. The fire I once had was now just a small flame. I felt that I was losing touch with my dear savior. After a long conversation with my spiritual coach, It was clear to me what was happening. I was learning to stand on my own two feet as a Christian. All the "feeling" had escaped me. It was now time to walk by faith. Every morning I have pursued in reading my word, but not with the fervency that I'd previously had. I have been praying for a heart examination. I have been begging the Lord to keep me on a short leash.

I just knew a trial was inevitable. If one reads the bible, and enough devotions, one comes to this conclusion. But yesterday in church, the topic tipped me off. We began the book of Job. A great beginning as when Job finds out his devastating circumstance, he drops to the ground and begins to worship. I am so thankful to Jesus for reminding me of what my knee-jerk reaction should be.

So what exactly is my trial? Well I figured it out today when I had noted the stress level of my Husband going up. All the things we have to get in order. Everyone stresses in different ways. My trial is that by my husband being so stressed will make me feel like I need to take the burden, carry the load. In this I must remain steadfast and not begin to feel un noticed, or under apreciated. I must constantly bear in mind that I LOVE my husband, and that he LOVES me and no matter what we go through together that Jesus LOVES us both. I have to remember not to let our enemy gain in destroying us by pitting us against each other with little nit picks.

In the end I know the move will be successful, and that our house we own now will not be a burden, weather we sell, or rent. In the end we will have a beautiful house with a lot of property, and most importantly my husband will be able to be with and enjoy his family.

I am so thankful for all that God lets cross my path.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My husbands purse

Well, it's more of a backpack really, but we affectionately call it his "man purse". A couple of mornings ago I proceeded to put his packed lunch into it. Upon doing this I had some interesting findings. First I yarded out a sweatshirt. I would have left it in there, however there was one hanging on the chair nearby, and he came walking into the kitchen with one draped upon his arm...I can only assume to take with him. How many sweatshirts does one need to take for a days work? Secondly I pulled out a paperback book with a book mark about a quarter of the way into the book. So I ask myself "when is he going to be able to read this?, while he is driving? Or perhaps while he is tightening one of his electrical jobs?, maybe on his lunch break." all doubtful, as the stories he tells me about work mostly involve working and harassing the other employees, not many peaceful moments that would lend to reading.

Next...a peanut jar with about three broken peanuts in the bottom. "What are you doing? I don't go through your purse and pull things out" Ok, the man had a point, but when he is complaining about back aches and knee pains, I his wife am just trying to lighten his load. If I had dug deeper I suppose I would have found some cables, some electrical connectors, somethings made of metal, plastic, some crumbs, and probably thirty dollars worth of change. But I knew my time was up. After a short time of bartering at a quarter to six in the am about what stays and what goes, I win with the peanut jar, and the sweatshirt, but the book goes.

We often have playful times like this, me knowing that if I would have put up enough of an argument could have had all the items left out, and him knowing that if he'd really wanted to, could have had all of the items left in. In the end we both know that it was just silly and playful, that's how we roll, and that's how we like it.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Return from Montrose

I was up at 1am...ish and out the door by 2:08. The night before I had tried to get to sleep by 7..but remembered the van was on empty. After a fill up, and then my Dad checking the fluid levels and topping off everything, I could finally settle down.

Do you ever notice how hard it is to fall asleep when you know you will suffer the next day if you don't? Finally I had drifted off. The kids were in the other room watching a movie and were instructed to come to bed when it was over. What I had not counted on was the fact that they would fight, and totally disrespect my need for sleep. One after another they would come screaming at the top of their lungs about what the other was doing to them. I was so frustrated and verging on very nervous. I didn't want to even look at the clock, because knowing exactly how much sleep I wasn't getting, would NOT have helped my case.

The next morning started out well, I was able to gather all my stuff (I had done most of it the night before) and got the kids in the car and was on my way as I said prior, at 2am.
I was really making time, doing pretty good. I made a couple of pit stops to wake up and stretch my legs. Pretty soon the pod casts and books on tape weren't working. I was drifting, my eyes were glazing over, and the scars on my arm from digging my fingernails into myself are just leftover marks of a technique that rarely works for me. It was time to think about safety. I pulled over at 7:30 in Provo, UT and told the kids "mommy has to sleep" I don't remember much after that. I woke up 40 minutes later to the kids sleeping and myself snoring (I think that's what woke me). I was so much better.

We made it to Ontario, OR which is right on the border. We found a wonderful Holiday Inn express. The girls wanted to play in the room before they went swimming. I took that opportunity to find a LYS. I found one and set the address in my GPS. Well I had worked up a pretty good appetite and told the girls we needed to go eat and that we would go swimming when we got back. The didn't know until we were all buckled that I wanted to locate the yarn store first. "no! you said we were going to go EAT!" "I know...i just want to see where it is first". I couldn't find it, I couldn't remember the name of it, so I gave up. We had some sizzler I ate way to much! I need to stop attending buffet style restaurants.

When we got back, I held to my promise and the girls got to go swimming, and I got to knit. Not a very fun pattern. Just a garter stitch dish cloth that was boring me to death, so I decided to practice my continental style knitting....I wasn't bored anymore...just frustrated.
When we got back to the room I put the girls in the tub...I don't usually do that unless I have some 409 to spray the tub down for added precaution, but I needed some peace and I wanted them to have fun in that beautiful deep tub, so I said a little prayer and threw them in there.

Then I got to thinking...If that yarn store had a web site...they MUST still be in business. I needed to know, I needed to call, and time was running out. Sure enough! Not only were they still in business, but they were OPEN! I had one hour till they closed. I ran into the bathroom and almost literally dragged them out of the bath. They were not happy when I told them why...but oddly enough, I didn't care.

Let me just say, I found that yarn store and it was a dream. It seems that with each one I discover they get better. I almost didn't go just because I knew I was going to love it and that it was soooo far away. I live 8 hours from Ontario. We are at extremes for being in the same state. The yarn was so beautiful. There were all the books I could ever want. Everywhere I looked I could see a project hanging somewhere. Yarn was tucked in every nook and cranny and it was all touchable! The owner was so warm and treated my girls so nice. If I could have a weekend, i would drive to Ontario in the winter and stay a couple of nights in a hotel just so I could sit in front of the beautiful fire place and knit and chat it up from the stores open to close.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I got up at about one oclock on the morning to get ready for my trip to Colorado, whick involes an 18 hour car ride. Why don't i fly? 2 reasons, one i really don't like to fly...not because I am afraid, but because it is so annoying! being on thier time schedul, having to sift through security, and for some very odd reason the flight attendents have issues with me. I swear I am not abother, I do not do anything (that i am aware of) to provoke this sort of behavior. Now that I have begun kntting on the airpane, I have not had such an issue. Maybe it's because my absorbtion is not on thier attitude, maybe it's because I am so happy they are letting me knit, maybe it's because I am perfectly content. Who knows.

Secondly it is NOT cost effective to fly three people to Montrose compared to driving.
I really do enjoy driving tho. Something about the open road, leaving my habitat in search of something new, different, and sunny.

I ended up leaving the house at around 2:45. We arrived in Burly Idaho around 2pm. It was a very nice Best Western at about $75 a night. It had the outdoor pool I had been searching for. Outdoor pools are awesome. I have never been a fan of pooling outdoors. The sunshine, the sparkling water, and the fresh air are all I need. I have even been known to take a dip myself.

When it was time for me to go to sleep, I shut the tv off. Despite the fact that an episode of clifford was coming on (don't think I didn't think about leaving it on) we ended up getting to sleep. I was so ever thankful. But before all this sleeping transpired we had to eat dinner. We searched for a non existant Italian restaraunt and settled on somewhere named JB's. The kids were out of control, then the flies were bothering us, and the girls were freaking out. My dinner was ruined, but oh well.

The next morning I ended up getting out of there by 3:45. The last day seemed to drag on. The scenery was beautiful, but there was a lot of desolate road. I travel during the day for that reason. We pulled into montrose by about 2 that afternoon.

Monday, June 22, 2009

the blanket, the bear, and the knitting lesson

The blanket and the bear have gone to good homes. The bear in the photo above was the first one I made and that went to my great nephew. after that I made 3 more. One for each of my daughters, and one for my sister in California.

I got a call from my sister as soon as she got the bear. She was so happy. I was so happy that she loved it as much as she did. I love making special tags and pining them to my work with yarn and a gold safety pin, makes me feel like I bought it at a boutique.

I just got the call today from my 2nd cousin, who's baby the blanket is for, she loved it so much and said it was so pretty she didn't want to use it. I told her it is very washable and to please use it.

I have been trying to persuade my 7 year old to take up knitting. At first she was all for it, until one time when she needed help and I wasn't in a position to help her and I was trying to instruct her by words, not action, and I got frustrated, she got frustrated, and one of us ended up crying. So I ruined it....for a while. I asked her every day for about 3 weeks if she wanted to learn to knit. no no no no no nope no no.

Until today! We were at the park and me and all my friends were doing needle work, Emily came over and said "I want to learn to crochet" I said "NOPE you have to learn to knit first" she said ok. Lets just say that I learned my lesson from my first time teaching her, and she is well on her way.

Tonight we were sitting on the couch and she was happily knitting with her legs folded to the side of her, so peaceful and content, not frustrated (at least that I could tell). I was watching her, and she said "mom, you don't have to watch me" how could I not watch my oldest kin take on a skill that will bring her so much contentment in years to come. How could I not watch my little prodigy follow in my footsteps? How could I not watch her to make sure she was doing it right??? I am so proud of her. We are taking a long car ride on Wednesday...I hope she wants to bring her knitting along.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

knitting adventures

I made a bear and a blanket. The bear was for my great nephew Noah, and the blanket is for my 2nd cousins baby on the way.

I crocheted the blanket 143 granny squares all sewn together for a lovely look. Then a sc border stitched around the edge. Turns out the bear was very popular. Both my girls wanted one. Emily asked me for one first. She wanted it to be 3 colors. I couldn't manage that in my head, so off to the "yarn store" for some variegated yarn with as many of the colors she wished for inside.
I brought it home and shined a big smile, hoping to impress her with the colors I had chosen.

It worked. I worked. I knitted the bear. It took me a few days. I had one pair of bamboo, and one pair of nickle plated size 7 circs. This yarn was synthetic, and not very forgiving, but it did produce a bear that is well loved. So loved that she spent 20 dollars of her birthday money that she had been saving since April to purchase 3 outfits for it.

Next...a bear for Haley. We happened to be in a big box craft store just after I finished Emilys bear. "Haley, would you like to pick out yarn for your bear?" I say, dreading another encounter with the aforementioned yarn. While I was at that store, I recall the non harmonious experience of knitting with two unequal needles. I quickly grabbed a pair of Boyle alluminum size 7 circulars. Of course making sure of the flexability of the cables. Oh so flexable. I have to say I was very impressed with how far they have come, and also feeling a little like I was cheating on my local yarn store. Next...yarn isle, (more infidelity) once again (to save time) MOMMY picked out the yarn with a gleeful smile (hoping she'd fall for it). She fell for it. I left that store feeling like a double dealing woman on a mission. I knitted, however this time it was better. Easier... Not because I had been through the pattern two times previous, although I am sure it didn't hurt.
I cast on the two strands of yarn I had been instructed to....and it felt so right. Whatever the synthetic yarn had done to me, whatever pain I experienced when I had to fight just to get a proper slip slip knit, it was all erased. Erased by the pureness of the wool gliding so effortlessly over my shinny almost matching needles.

Although this time was so much better, I was not able to afford the luxury of time I had with the other yarn. I scrimped and sneaked and grabbed for time not finding much, I gave up. This morning though, opportunity knocked on my needles. I was taking care of a task, and had a little time to think. I said, I am going to go out there and just tell them (my family) that I was simply going to finish Haleys bear today, and no one was going to stop me, so don't even try! So I did. And something funny happened. They did.

All was good, I was in my chair, happy...I had won, one little battle. Sitting there part stunned, and part proud that my family actually heeded my warning. I look over at my 7 year old, who is looking at me with intent. I ask, "what you thinkin Em?" She replies, "just trying to figure out how i'm gonna stop you."

Thursday, April 16, 2009

another walk

Yesterday I took another walk, this time it was over by my kids school. I love that I put Haley in the stroller to do it because now she won't let me forget to do it every day.

I clocked my walk from Tuesday .8 miles. Wed. walk 2.2 miles. I just walk you know? I walk fast, but no stress about how far or how long. I walk so that I breath heavy and have to remove my jacket. I have hidden my scale from myself, so the stress of being a certain wieght is not getting in the way of my listening to my body.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I started a wellness program today...this is how it went.

I was doing the best I could to procrastinate. I am a part time home cleaner, so I did my one job for the week this morning, while doing so Klove was having people call in and talk about thier fav fast food places!!! I was so hungry for something smothered in grease and bacon before I was done.
I picked up my little girl from school and headed straight past dairy maid, and dairy queen through my front door to a scrumptious salad with bacon bits and ranch. I know ranch is sooo fattening, but the alternative was way worse! I knew my kid would totally be up for it if I threw her in the stroller and went for a walk on this beautiful no exuses day. First I had to get up into the attic storage to get the stroller....which involves dragging a heavy ladder, climbing, and lifting. It would have been so easy to put off till hubby got home Thurs night, but I did it!! and just as soon as I did, I knew all the hard part was done, no more exuses, get out there and walk!
I did, for about 20 mins. Haley loved it. At first I was wishing I could get a good momentum going and hop on the back of the stroller like you do a grocery cart, but strollers don't really allow that, not to mention it would REALLY be defeating the purpose.
So here I stand, not sure what's for dinner, but glad I don't have to cook for the family. If you took the time to read this, thanks!
The wellness program is something I signed up for with big picture scrapbooking. I will be creating a journal to go with my progress. I have been praying for Jesus to help me, and I believe this is the answer as I am receiving the motivation I need.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

4-H "Super Saturday"

My sister asked me to volunteer for a crochet class during super saturday 4-H event.
I obliged. I was very nervous to teach this class as I am a self taught crocheter, and am not very confident in my teaching abilities.
I started strong, but soon other "helpers" who knew more than me, took the wheel.
I was relieved, and a little sad...but it was all good in the end as the young ladies learned the basic chain, and dc stitches. They went home with yarn, hooks, and knowledge.
Next was Lathens birthday party. A very nice, relaxing event. The girls and I enjoyed a fun day...oh and I got to hold Erins sweet baby Noelle.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Have you ever had "one of those days"

Today was just that. I made some trips out to do errands. I managed to see all those people in my life who since I have moved here have had some sort of a run in with. I think today I seen them ALL.
Lets start with the woman who is very close friends with someone who shouldn't even technically hold a grudge against me, but does by association.
Just before her in the parking lot I seen someone who was an actual friend at one time, and we both pretended not to recognize eachother.
Then later in the day in the grocery store I seen the woman who when trying to witness to didn't want to hear it...sort of created a wierdness between us.
I could go on, but it all gets kind of blurry.
SO strange, I don't see them hardly at all, then all in one day!
Other than that the day has gone quite well. I managed to get my van cleaned, really cleaned.
So that makes my van, my kitchen, my bedroom, and my two ds baths YAAAY. I was sick for a couple of days, and the cold still lingers, but it was too sunny and beautiful of a day to waste.
concider me logged and blogged.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

project for dad is done

This is the hat that I had mentioned in previous posts this style has been so easy to make, and has produced hats for my nephew, my husband, my husbands friend, his son, me, my sister, and now my dad. I should be a professional at this hat, and one would think I would have the pattern memorized. I don't, however the scarf as I mentioned on photo is my own creation that came from trying to mimic the pattern in the hat. I had to be carful and change my stiching a little bit as the scarf was beginning to curl on me, and that was not the look I was going for.
I really am happy with the outcome, and it is nice to know that my dad will have something that i made that will hopefully last him many winters.

Under the weather

I am so happy that I was able to get 4 rooms overhauled before today. These rooms are mine and hubbys bedroom, the kitchen, and the two lower level bathrooms. I have only organized and thrown out trash so far...chemical cleaning will have to come when I get over this dragdown cold. To look at me one wouldn't think I am sick...but to feel like me is no fun today. It is ok though because I can be a baby as my children can do well for an hour and a half while I rest.

We go over the rules about 3 or 4 times about not answering phone or door, and coming and getting me. They get it. I get some rest.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I couldn't post all the photos to this blog as it had trouble downloading all of them, and I just don't have the time to do one at a time, or even two for that matter. This was a very long and careful project, but the hard work paid off.. I am very happy with the results and have it done in time for the baby shower...which is what I wanted.

I hope you enjoy what you see...I am debating on making more of them for future baby havers.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

If I were an artist, I would draw a most beautiful picture.
It would be of me and my savior walking along a beach...kind of like the one you would picture in foot prints. I would be looking up at him, and he would be looking down at me.
When I look at the picture I would see and feel the love that flows from my Savior.
He would have his arm around me and I would feel so warm and loved.
We would be talking about how wonderful he is. He would be telling me how much he loves me, and I would be asking him all sorts of questions, and sharing with him about my faith, and how much I love him.
I would know all my sins are washed away, and that he wouldn't be able to see my past, my dirt, and we would be in heaven so I wouldn't have any of these fleshy mean thoughts that make me so putrid.
Our hair would be blowing in the gentle breeze and the Light of God would be illuminating the beach where we walked. The ocean and the sky would be the bluest ever, and the white caps of the waves would be as white as snow.
And as we pass others on the sand they would be also walking with Jesus and we would smile to one another, truly having an agape love for one another.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Sweetly Blessed

Back to school (for the kiddos) back to routine for me. I still have some projects to finish. I completed the hat for Steve and his son...sorry I gave them away before I got photos, but the one I am making for my dad will look just the same, and I will put it up.

I tried to make the booties for my nieces baby. I have come to the conclusion that I have lost my bootie mojo. I keep messing up, then ripping back (which takes a lot longer than it sounds like) then I finally finish the bootie. It comes out too big. UUGGHH I should have known to tighten my tension from the last 6 booties I have made. I just have to lay that project down and make the scrapbooking project that I have much more control over.

I have been reading my bible with more heart lately, and been really looking to the Lord for my everything. Now that I am doing it more often, I am realizing that in the past month I haven't been going to Jesus as often as I should have been. Blessings are flowing in the way of my teaching. I teach on Sundays to the 2 and 3 year olds, and on Monday, Thursday, and Friday
to the 1st and 2nd graders. I have been praying before I go into it, and the Holy Spirit has been gracing my toungue with wisdom. I have to be careful to remember though that I am constantly fighting with my sinful fleshy self, and that the closer I get to Jesus, that there is a very real enemy out there who wants nothing of the sort because he hates me. I know that i have not, and probably never will be tempted by Satan himself as he is NOT omni present, that he can only be in one place at one time, and probably has bigger fish to fry...however one third of the angels fell with him, and Satan has set in motion a plan for all of us to fail with thier help.

All that being said I am so thankful that there is a true and living God who IS omni present and who wants the best for me, and can defeat my enemy easy.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A new day is dawning.

Today will mark day 3 of being smoke free.  I have been praying for grace and strength from Jesus.  I know he will give it, I just hope we will accept it.  I was looking around at some stop smoking help and found out some very interesting facts about trying to quit.  One of the most interesting facts to me was to learn that it would be harder for wealthy people to quit smoking as they are accustomed to getting what  they want, when they want it.  People who are not wealthy are more accustomed to practicing self denial.  So for those people they suggest checking into a hospital program where you stay a week with others doing the same thing. 


   It got me to thinking.  Practicing self denial wouldn't be a bad thing.  I am no where near wealthy enough to check myself into a hospital for a week and foot the bill...however I do make it a habit to just buy it if I want it.  We are not talking about cars and major appliances here, no no what I am referring to is craft stuff; yarn, paper, fabric...etc.  It would  really do me good to practice some self denial.  I think that and patience go hand in hand.

Friday, January 2, 2009

All is well with the world

The cat has batteries again!
Today has been a good day. I got the teachers projects almost done...among other things.
I have been thinking of adding more to this blog. Links to charities etc...
I would also like to post encouraging scripture.
Today my Emily asked me to go swimming with them "mom come on, you never go in the pool with us". As excited as I was to get into my swimsuit, and the pool, I contained my zeal and joined the fam at the pool.
It is taco night here tonight and I am about to go have some dinner with an ice cold coca cola. MMMM what a treat!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009
I hope you are enjoying the start of your 2009 as much as i am. So far today has been really relaxing, and as I promised, my husband and I have laid aside the cigarretts and gone smoke free. So far I have only wanted to smoke a couple of times, however when I look back on the morning and realize that I have not smoked...I feel free. Let's just hope and PRAY that we stay this way. Why I always go back to it, I will never know.
So the thoughts I am having on this January first are about all the projects I have promised others and myself that need to get done.
1. nieces baby shower gifts due by Jan 10th
2. Dads hat I said I would make
3. nieces boyfriends scarf I am in the middle of
4. husbands birthday gift
5. Teachers Christmas gifts....yes I Christmas gifts. The school day was cancelled just before break, so we were unable to have class parties. Well now that I have had time to think about it, I have brewed up all sorts of new ideas for what to make.
I know a lot of the stuff I dont HAVE to do, but when I have these big ideas and I don't complete is dissapointing.