Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009
I hope you are enjoying the start of your 2009 as much as i am. So far today has been really relaxing, and as I promised, my husband and I have laid aside the cigarretts and gone smoke free. So far I have only wanted to smoke a couple of times, however when I look back on the morning and realize that I have not smoked...I feel free. Let's just hope and PRAY that we stay this way. Why I always go back to it, I will never know.
So the thoughts I am having on this January first are about all the projects I have promised others and myself that need to get done.
1. nieces baby shower gifts due by Jan 10th
2. Dads hat I said I would make
3. nieces boyfriends scarf I am in the middle of
4. husbands birthday gift
5. Teachers Christmas gifts....yes I Christmas gifts. The school day was cancelled just before break, so we were unable to have class parties. Well now that I have had time to think about it, I have brewed up all sorts of new ideas for what to make.
I know a lot of the stuff I dont HAVE to do, but when I have these big ideas and I don't complete is dissapointing.

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