Monday, August 24, 2009

I knew something was coming, I just didn't know what. How easy it would have been to just keep things the way they were. I mean after all, life was running so smoothly.

We got a call this morning that the offer on the House had been accepted. Oh how I shouted with glee! So excited. My head was spinning, I did not know just what to do.

Rewind to a month before to present. All the time in between I had been thinking about how absolutely perfect my life was. Not stuck to a schedule, lots of summer trips to be had. My husband giving me lots of little breaks...some long. Then the dry spell. The fire I once had was now just a small flame. I felt that I was losing touch with my dear savior. After a long conversation with my spiritual coach, It was clear to me what was happening. I was learning to stand on my own two feet as a Christian. All the "feeling" had escaped me. It was now time to walk by faith. Every morning I have pursued in reading my word, but not with the fervency that I'd previously had. I have been praying for a heart examination. I have been begging the Lord to keep me on a short leash.

I just knew a trial was inevitable. If one reads the bible, and enough devotions, one comes to this conclusion. But yesterday in church, the topic tipped me off. We began the book of Job. A great beginning as when Job finds out his devastating circumstance, he drops to the ground and begins to worship. I am so thankful to Jesus for reminding me of what my knee-jerk reaction should be.

So what exactly is my trial? Well I figured it out today when I had noted the stress level of my Husband going up. All the things we have to get in order. Everyone stresses in different ways. My trial is that by my husband being so stressed will make me feel like I need to take the burden, carry the load. In this I must remain steadfast and not begin to feel un noticed, or under apreciated. I must constantly bear in mind that I LOVE my husband, and that he LOVES me and no matter what we go through together that Jesus LOVES us both. I have to remember not to let our enemy gain in destroying us by pitting us against each other with little nit picks.

In the end I know the move will be successful, and that our house we own now will not be a burden, weather we sell, or rent. In the end we will have a beautiful house with a lot of property, and most importantly my husband will be able to be with and enjoy his family.

I am so thankful for all that God lets cross my path.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My husbands purse

Well, it's more of a backpack really, but we affectionately call it his "man purse". A couple of mornings ago I proceeded to put his packed lunch into it. Upon doing this I had some interesting findings. First I yarded out a sweatshirt. I would have left it in there, however there was one hanging on the chair nearby, and he came walking into the kitchen with one draped upon his arm...I can only assume to take with him. How many sweatshirts does one need to take for a days work? Secondly I pulled out a paperback book with a book mark about a quarter of the way into the book. So I ask myself "when is he going to be able to read this?, while he is driving? Or perhaps while he is tightening one of his electrical jobs?, maybe on his lunch break." all doubtful, as the stories he tells me about work mostly involve working and harassing the other employees, not many peaceful moments that would lend to reading.

Next...a peanut jar with about three broken peanuts in the bottom. "What are you doing? I don't go through your purse and pull things out" Ok, the man had a point, but when he is complaining about back aches and knee pains, I his wife am just trying to lighten his load. If I had dug deeper I suppose I would have found some cables, some electrical connectors, somethings made of metal, plastic, some crumbs, and probably thirty dollars worth of change. But I knew my time was up. After a short time of bartering at a quarter to six in the am about what stays and what goes, I win with the peanut jar, and the sweatshirt, but the book goes.

We often have playful times like this, me knowing that if I would have put up enough of an argument could have had all the items left out, and him knowing that if he'd really wanted to, could have had all of the items left in. In the end we both know that it was just silly and playful, that's how we roll, and that's how we like it.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Return from Montrose

I was up at 1am...ish and out the door by 2:08. The night before I had tried to get to sleep by 7..but remembered the van was on empty. After a fill up, and then my Dad checking the fluid levels and topping off everything, I could finally settle down.

Do you ever notice how hard it is to fall asleep when you know you will suffer the next day if you don't? Finally I had drifted off. The kids were in the other room watching a movie and were instructed to come to bed when it was over. What I had not counted on was the fact that they would fight, and totally disrespect my need for sleep. One after another they would come screaming at the top of their lungs about what the other was doing to them. I was so frustrated and verging on very nervous. I didn't want to even look at the clock, because knowing exactly how much sleep I wasn't getting, would NOT have helped my case.

The next morning started out well, I was able to gather all my stuff (I had done most of it the night before) and got the kids in the car and was on my way as I said prior, at 2am.
I was really making time, doing pretty good. I made a couple of pit stops to wake up and stretch my legs. Pretty soon the pod casts and books on tape weren't working. I was drifting, my eyes were glazing over, and the scars on my arm from digging my fingernails into myself are just leftover marks of a technique that rarely works for me. It was time to think about safety. I pulled over at 7:30 in Provo, UT and told the kids "mommy has to sleep" I don't remember much after that. I woke up 40 minutes later to the kids sleeping and myself snoring (I think that's what woke me). I was so much better.

We made it to Ontario, OR which is right on the border. We found a wonderful Holiday Inn express. The girls wanted to play in the room before they went swimming. I took that opportunity to find a LYS. I found one and set the address in my GPS. Well I had worked up a pretty good appetite and told the girls we needed to go eat and that we would go swimming when we got back. The didn't know until we were all buckled that I wanted to locate the yarn store first. "no! you said we were going to go EAT!" "I know...i just want to see where it is first". I couldn't find it, I couldn't remember the name of it, so I gave up. We had some sizzler I ate way to much! I need to stop attending buffet style restaurants.

When we got back, I held to my promise and the girls got to go swimming, and I got to knit. Not a very fun pattern. Just a garter stitch dish cloth that was boring me to death, so I decided to practice my continental style knitting....I wasn't bored anymore...just frustrated.
When we got back to the room I put the girls in the tub...I don't usually do that unless I have some 409 to spray the tub down for added precaution, but I needed some peace and I wanted them to have fun in that beautiful deep tub, so I said a little prayer and threw them in there.

Then I got to thinking...If that yarn store had a web site...they MUST still be in business. I needed to know, I needed to call, and time was running out. Sure enough! Not only were they still in business, but they were OPEN! I had one hour till they closed. I ran into the bathroom and almost literally dragged them out of the bath. They were not happy when I told them why...but oddly enough, I didn't care.

Let me just say, I found that yarn store and it was a dream. It seems that with each one I discover they get better. I almost didn't go just because I knew I was going to love it and that it was soooo far away. I live 8 hours from Ontario. We are at extremes for being in the same state. The yarn was so beautiful. There were all the books I could ever want. Everywhere I looked I could see a project hanging somewhere. Yarn was tucked in every nook and cranny and it was all touchable! The owner was so warm and treated my girls so nice. If I could have a weekend, i would drive to Ontario in the winter and stay a couple of nights in a hotel just so I could sit in front of the beautiful fire place and knit and chat it up from the stores open to close.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I got up at about one oclock on the morning to get ready for my trip to Colorado, whick involes an 18 hour car ride. Why don't i fly? 2 reasons, one i really don't like to fly...not because I am afraid, but because it is so annoying! being on thier time schedul, having to sift through security, and for some very odd reason the flight attendents have issues with me. I swear I am not abother, I do not do anything (that i am aware of) to provoke this sort of behavior. Now that I have begun kntting on the airpane, I have not had such an issue. Maybe it's because my absorbtion is not on thier attitude, maybe it's because I am so happy they are letting me knit, maybe it's because I am perfectly content. Who knows.

Secondly it is NOT cost effective to fly three people to Montrose compared to driving.
I really do enjoy driving tho. Something about the open road, leaving my habitat in search of something new, different, and sunny.

I ended up leaving the house at around 2:45. We arrived in Burly Idaho around 2pm. It was a very nice Best Western at about $75 a night. It had the outdoor pool I had been searching for. Outdoor pools are awesome. I have never been a fan of pooling outdoors. The sunshine, the sparkling water, and the fresh air are all I need. I have even been known to take a dip myself.

When it was time for me to go to sleep, I shut the tv off. Despite the fact that an episode of clifford was coming on (don't think I didn't think about leaving it on) we ended up getting to sleep. I was so ever thankful. But before all this sleeping transpired we had to eat dinner. We searched for a non existant Italian restaraunt and settled on somewhere named JB's. The kids were out of control, then the flies were bothering us, and the girls were freaking out. My dinner was ruined, but oh well.

The next morning I ended up getting out of there by 3:45. The last day seemed to drag on. The scenery was beautiful, but there was a lot of desolate road. I travel during the day for that reason. We pulled into montrose by about 2 that afternoon.