Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I started a wellness program today...this is how it went.

I was doing the best I could to procrastinate. I am a part time home cleaner, so I did my one job for the week this morning, while doing so Klove was having people call in and talk about thier fav fast food places!!! I was so hungry for something smothered in grease and bacon before I was done.
I picked up my little girl from school and headed straight past dairy maid, and dairy queen through my front door to a scrumptious salad with bacon bits and ranch. I know ranch is sooo fattening, but the alternative was way worse! I knew my kid would totally be up for it if I threw her in the stroller and went for a walk on this beautiful no exuses day. First I had to get up into the attic storage to get the stroller....which involves dragging a heavy ladder, climbing, and lifting. It would have been so easy to put off till hubby got home Thurs night, but I did it!! and just as soon as I did, I knew all the hard part was done, no more exuses, get out there and walk!
I did, for about 20 mins. Haley loved it. At first I was wishing I could get a good momentum going and hop on the back of the stroller like you do a grocery cart, but strollers don't really allow that, not to mention it would REALLY be defeating the purpose.
So here I stand, not sure what's for dinner, but glad I don't have to cook for the family. If you took the time to read this, thanks!
The wellness program is something I signed up for with big picture scrapbooking. I will be creating a journal to go with my progress. I have been praying for Jesus to help me, and I believe this is the answer as I am receiving the motivation I need.

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