Saturday, January 3, 2009

A new day is dawning.

Today will mark day 3 of being smoke free.  I have been praying for grace and strength from Jesus.  I know he will give it, I just hope we will accept it.  I was looking around at some stop smoking help and found out some very interesting facts about trying to quit.  One of the most interesting facts to me was to learn that it would be harder for wealthy people to quit smoking as they are accustomed to getting what  they want, when they want it.  People who are not wealthy are more accustomed to practicing self denial.  So for those people they suggest checking into a hospital program where you stay a week with others doing the same thing. 


   It got me to thinking.  Practicing self denial wouldn't be a bad thing.  I am no where near wealthy enough to check myself into a hospital for a week and foot the bill...however I do make it a habit to just buy it if I want it.  We are not talking about cars and major appliances here, no no what I am referring to is craft stuff; yarn, paper, fabric...etc.  It would  really do me good to practice some self denial.  I think that and patience go hand in hand.

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