Saturday, August 22, 2009

My husbands purse

Well, it's more of a backpack really, but we affectionately call it his "man purse". A couple of mornings ago I proceeded to put his packed lunch into it. Upon doing this I had some interesting findings. First I yarded out a sweatshirt. I would have left it in there, however there was one hanging on the chair nearby, and he came walking into the kitchen with one draped upon his arm...I can only assume to take with him. How many sweatshirts does one need to take for a days work? Secondly I pulled out a paperback book with a book mark about a quarter of the way into the book. So I ask myself "when is he going to be able to read this?, while he is driving? Or perhaps while he is tightening one of his electrical jobs?, maybe on his lunch break." all doubtful, as the stories he tells me about work mostly involve working and harassing the other employees, not many peaceful moments that would lend to reading.

Next...a peanut jar with about three broken peanuts in the bottom. "What are you doing? I don't go through your purse and pull things out" Ok, the man had a point, but when he is complaining about back aches and knee pains, I his wife am just trying to lighten his load. If I had dug deeper I suppose I would have found some cables, some electrical connectors, somethings made of metal, plastic, some crumbs, and probably thirty dollars worth of change. But I knew my time was up. After a short time of bartering at a quarter to six in the am about what stays and what goes, I win with the peanut jar, and the sweatshirt, but the book goes.

We often have playful times like this, me knowing that if I would have put up enough of an argument could have had all the items left out, and him knowing that if he'd really wanted to, could have had all of the items left in. In the end we both know that it was just silly and playful, that's how we roll, and that's how we like it.

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