Thursday, August 13, 2009


I got up at about one oclock on the morning to get ready for my trip to Colorado, whick involes an 18 hour car ride. Why don't i fly? 2 reasons, one i really don't like to fly...not because I am afraid, but because it is so annoying! being on thier time schedul, having to sift through security, and for some very odd reason the flight attendents have issues with me. I swear I am not abother, I do not do anything (that i am aware of) to provoke this sort of behavior. Now that I have begun kntting on the airpane, I have not had such an issue. Maybe it's because my absorbtion is not on thier attitude, maybe it's because I am so happy they are letting me knit, maybe it's because I am perfectly content. Who knows.

Secondly it is NOT cost effective to fly three people to Montrose compared to driving.
I really do enjoy driving tho. Something about the open road, leaving my habitat in search of something new, different, and sunny.

I ended up leaving the house at around 2:45. We arrived in Burly Idaho around 2pm. It was a very nice Best Western at about $75 a night. It had the outdoor pool I had been searching for. Outdoor pools are awesome. I have never been a fan of pooling outdoors. The sunshine, the sparkling water, and the fresh air are all I need. I have even been known to take a dip myself.

When it was time for me to go to sleep, I shut the tv off. Despite the fact that an episode of clifford was coming on (don't think I didn't think about leaving it on) we ended up getting to sleep. I was so ever thankful. But before all this sleeping transpired we had to eat dinner. We searched for a non existant Italian restaraunt and settled on somewhere named JB's. The kids were out of control, then the flies were bothering us, and the girls were freaking out. My dinner was ruined, but oh well.

The next morning I ended up getting out of there by 3:45. The last day seemed to drag on. The scenery was beautiful, but there was a lot of desolate road. I travel during the day for that reason. We pulled into montrose by about 2 that afternoon.

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