Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our New House.

It has been my pleasure to have lived in the town of Astoria, Oregon for 6 and a half years. Our family found a wonderful church family after only living here 5 months. I have met people here who have become near and dear to my heart. I have learned that Oregon is a wonderful beautiful state to live in. I have learned that there are people I meet, and they seem to not like me, but once I have hung around long enough, they have no choice but to get to know me. Some after that decide they like me, and some do not. I am ok with the ones who don't because life goes on, and I learned to concentrate on the ones who do. I have learned that rain or shine there are still things to be done.

I will miss Astoria, somewhat for the landscape, not at all for the weather, but mostly for the people who have become near and dear to my heart. It is with a heavy heart that I pack up my family and leave. It saddens me when I go to the store and realize I won't recognize all the clerks, and for a long time, won't always know someone everywhere I go. I will have to learn the layout of a new grocery store, and probably get lost a few times on the way to our new house. I will miss the times we have had here at 6th street. Emily was only 13 months old when we moved here, and Haley was born here. Pattie Boullie was the best midwife I could have hoped for. Dr. Ram an excellent pediatrician. It took me too long to find Kallie at LaBoheme, and I think I will schedule hair appointments for the days we will be in Astoria.

There are things to look forward to in La Center though. My husband no longer living away during the week has to be the biggest one. The peace and quiet of a private country setting. Beautiful fall pictures of my girls, and the fact that when my friends come to visit they will more than likely stay the night.

My hope is that we will come back to Astoria periodically and that my friendships will not be lost. I know what moving can do to friendships, but I also know that God is in control. What does he have planned? That is a good question, and I hope that he will use me and my family in great ways. Thanks for reading my little piece of the world wide web. Blessings.

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