Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Review of G6 airpark in Vancouver, WA

Last week the middle school class went to a place called G6 airpark in Vancouver.  They came back and said it was so fun, and tiring.  I decided to take my girls today, which happens to be a Saturday.

Directions:  I looked them up online, they are right across the main road from a Giant grocery store, so that makes them easily locatable.  There is no sign direct from the road (at least that I seen), however the sign that is above their space is very large and visible from the street, but not till you are right up on it.

Parking.  There was ample parking available for the day I was there.  However there doesn't seem to be
a smoking section as there were a few people smoking to the right of the door, it wasn't terrible, but definitely noticed.

Once inside, we were immediately acknowledged with a "Welcome to G6!" that was a nice touch, as I cannot tell you how many times I have walked into places that were not even busy, and the staff acted as though I wasn't even there.  I cannot tell you weather it was busy in there or not because that was my first time, but if I had to guess, I would say yes, it was busy.  There was a birthday party going on as well.

The price:  We had a coupon for my kids to pay for the first hour then get the second hour free.  I paid for only one hour for myself.  $10 an hour for Saturday.  It is a little cheaper if you come during the week.

The lockers: I immediately seen the lockers and decided to take advantage of them because I had my phone and it wasn't going to work being in my pocket.  The lockers were the kind where you put your stuff in, then your money and you turn to release the key...well, I didn't do it right the first time.  I notified the staff, and they were fantastic about getting me another locker.  Overall, I really don't think I needed a locker.  They have places to put your personal belongings on the platform, where if you are jumping, you can easily keep an eye on them.

The Trampolines:  They were great!  They had these yellow things that separated them, which I had a hard time jumping over them ( I think it was just me) that after a while I figured it out and got the hang of it.  I was able to get some serious air, and had fun bouncing my girls.  There is no fear of hitting the ceiling, bumping into someone else, or falling out.  Maybe a little concern for bumping into someone else, but minimal.  They have great rules, and plenty of "life guards" in the sections.

The Rules: Do not go on the blue mats (borders), do not jump on the yellow surfaces, and no sitting on the trampolines.  I love that they make it so people cannot sit, that way everyone can enjoy jumping without having to worry about hurting someone.

As a parent who may not want to jump:  There are places to sit on the platforms, I did not count, but there were two or three couches in the main jump area, and another set of couches in the foam pit.  The trampolines are also visible from the dining/birthday area as well.

The foam pit:  This was very cool.  They had 4 or 5 foam pits (one at a time please) and the last one had a ladder over it that you could try to make it to the other side without falling into the foam.  I loved the foam pit once I got the nerve to do a front flip into it.  If you are wanting a strenuous work out, try to climb out of that thing a few times!

Food and drinks:  Their web site shows you the food they offer, and the pricing.  I do not think it is unreasonable, especially if I were having a birthday party and wanted pizza.  I got a glimpse of the pizzas, and they actually looked good!  We didn't jump for more than an hour, and if you eat before you go, your really not there long enough to need food.

  I give G6 a thumbs up and will return someday.  This time with my sports bra already on.  TMI?  not if your a woman reading this!!!

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  1. Thanks! gonna go soon really helped me to know what to do!!!