Friday, May 4, 2012

The drive through difference

Way FM is putting on this little thing called the drive through difference.  I know this is not a new concept, and think at one point in my life have been a receiver of it.  Some one pays for your order before you ever reach the window to pay for your food.  Way FM's version comes with a letter.
This was a great idea, at least giving the receiver some direction to where they can hear about God in a positive way.  I printed the letter and decided I was going to use it when I set out to get my pizza at Papa Murphey's!  I walked up to the register and said my name, then said I would like to pay for another order. It didn't matter which one.  I knew it could have been a big one, but I was willing to take that chance because I was doing it out of love, and whatever one it ended up being, the Lord would help us to recover.  When I told her that she disappeared to the back, and one of the young men making pizzas said "wow, that is really nice of you!"  "that is good karma"  I said, well when you are so blessed yourself it is good to bless other people, and explained about the WayFM thing.  So positive, I was so thankful for the praise and for being able to do it.  The second experience was Mc Donalds.  As I went into the drive through there was no one behind me, so I figured, okay, there is no one I need to do this for.  Then a lady drove up, I was done ordering so I went to the pay window.  When I got there I informed the guy that I needed to pay for my order and the next persons order, then he had to verify exactly which vehicle, then once we got that straightened out, he had to get an override code for using the same card twice.  What a mess!  Then when the lady got to the window, I was watching with trying not to watch.  She was more skeptical than anything.  She sat there in the window (when she could have pulled forward) and read that whole letter!  I tried not to get on her in my head, but I guess I was frustrated.  Maybe that is why God doesn't always let us see what happens when we extend blessing.  Sometimes I can't stand myself.

  All in all they were both positive experiences.

  Easy: blessing a grateful person
  Hard: giving a blessing then not getting the reaction you want

  Hard: Giving money you'd rather use for yourself
  Harder: Giving money you're not sure you have

  Easy: Giving praise to God in the good times
  Hard: Giving praise to God in the hard times  

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