Thursday, May 3, 2012

I can't promise i'll ever get interesting

So I haven't exactly been a "stay at home" mom for the last couple of years, but with my job, I kind of am.  I work for the school my kids currently attend.  Next year that will all change, as the  little school I fell in love with, along with all the staff in it, is closing.  May and the first part of June will be our last months together.  I am not sad about losing my job, I didn't really dig freezing outside in the winter time anyway.  I am however sad for those who cannot afford to go without a job, and am prayerful that they will find exactly what the Lord has for them.

  I have so many things roll through my head that don't go into my running blog, that I thought, hey...this is established, may as well get to journaling.  I have a desire to write.  In fact if I had gone to college like I should have, I would have been a Journalist.  I really did always want to be one.  It's funny how I always chose to give up on anything I thought I wanted, because I didn't think I had the means or smarts to achieve it.  Now that I am older and working toward goals that I have admired in other people and wanted all my life.

People who don't really know me look at me like I am doing all this to be cool, to impress everyone else...I assure you, that is NOT the of the reasons though, I will to impress myself for sure!, which I haven't figured out if that is easy or hard, maybe somewhere in the middle, as we are our own worst critics.

  So, in feeding into my journalism and desire to write, I am planning on starting a new blog titled "Spotlight On" (not original, however, it works)  Do you have friends or meet people who do things, that may not be out of the ordinary, but you wish you knew more about what it is they do, or what drives them?  For me I wonder about ordinary things people do that, either I am not able to do, or am intrigued by how or what they do.  I have my first subject.  I just have to confirm my editor, and I will be ready!   With the business of life, it may be a month or so before you will see the fruits of my labor.  I am just "priming the pump" if you will.

  As some of you may already know, I have been officially inducted into "adolescence".  It hasn't as much to do with age, and action, although I believe the age matches the action (she is 10)  You see, I experienced my first eye roll yesterday.  This one was complete with heavy sigh.  There was no mistaking how very ridiculous I was behaving at that moment.  I was about to react, but then had flash backs of my mother telling my sister constantly not to roll her eyes,  So I said nothing, because really, she was upset with me, didn't want to back talk me, but had to have some sort of outlet.  Unfortunately we learn the hard way sometimes not to wear our emotions on the outside...I know from experience, and my facial expressions doom me to this day.

  I have big dreams...or wishes rather of having a clean organized home, making dinner every night, and spending quality time with my family...and staying in shape.  Dreams, wishes, or not, something's got to give.  If you come to my house, it won't take you long to figure out what that something is ;)

  Thank you for taking time to read about my life.  

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