Saturday, September 1, 2012

Girding up the loins for school!

With the promise of school starting on September, I am trying to get things in order.  I thought it might be time to get a new printer.  I have had mine for roughly 8 years.  The reason I didn't want to get a new one was because it was perfect and did just what I needed it to do.  Yesterday when I went to get new cartridges, I couldn't find one of the numbers.  Then I went online and found them, but thought to myself...

"if you cannot find your may just be time for a new printer"

  Also, I really needed something wireless.  I was excited because I was going to be able to print from my PC desktop...The one we bought in 2003.  I am guessing you know what I am going to say next.  Yep, the software is not supported by the computer, or something like that.  Basically the computer is too old.  Is that insane?  Something I bought in the two thousands is too old?  Why does time fly so fast?  I am so grateful this is only a 15 month school because I just don't know how long I am going to have to make a career out of such a physical job!

This is what I decided on...not bad for $50

  My daughter was on the computer last night playing something called Moshi Monsters, and it kept freezing on her.  She said, "mom why is it doing that?"  I told her it's just the internet trying to freak me out because it knows I am starting an online school on September 17th."  At least that's what it feels like.  If that happens, this is what I will look like!

  I can't tell you how glad I am that this in an online school.  I get really nervous when it comes to starting new things, I am a person of habit, and I think that is why I love running so much.  I love to have new things, but doing new things is a different story.  All that to say, I would be really nervous at the thought of walking into a new classroom with all kinds of new faces.  Maybe that's my problem with my girls going to a new school.

This photo is labeled College Classroom...I am like 20 years older than these people!!

  I believe I have already expressed being worried about being sedentary and my muscles becoming weak and packing on the pounds because I will be sitting in front of the computer all day.  Even with my runs, that can be dangerous depending on how much I eat.  So I got myself (with my birthday money) a Nike+fuelband!  I am on my second day of using this thing.  I love the Nikefuel aspect of it, if I were to compete to earn the most fuel with others it would be even more fun, but I am so leery of connecting online with strangers.  I have already earned a lot of fuel with the nike+ running app, and can see how I compare with others so that is nice.  I also love that I can set goals for myself and when I complete a goal I receive rewards.

I am actually feeling excited for this 1/2 marathon coming up in October.  My first half in July I think I was more nervous than anything, but I was thinking this morning on the run how I don't have to run fast, then I was thinking I would run fast because the other people would be an inspiration to do so.  I also was thinking about the fact that the first mile is about the crowd thinning out, so it won't be as painful as when I am running all those free radicals out during training.  Yesterday I told my runner friend Christina that I was going to be doing the Girlfriends Half Marathon, and she said she would run it with me!  Yippee!!  How exciting is that?  I think we would do great together because even though I have always been nervous to run with someone, I think this will be different because we will know how to respect the "zone" and it will be so nice to have someone to express concerns with, or just to point out how beautiful the scenery is!  

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