Friday, September 7, 2012

The (end) to the story

  I figured I owed it to anyone who read my blog post about the apology, to let you know how it "ended".

  Yesterday I seen the lady, and made haste to get to her so that this thing wouldn't go on any longer.  I apologized, and she forgave me.  Not only that, but she recognized and acknowledged how that must have been difficult and thanked me for my apology!

  The reason I quoted the word "end" is because I told her that the way I acted those 2 summers ago was not who I am, or was, and that it is discouraging to me that this was her first impression of me.

  Now that I think about it, that is/was indeed who I am, but since I am living for Jesus, I want to be who He is.  I, in and of myself  am a selfish, consumed mess of a person who prays daily to God, and is so incredibly thankful for His forgiveness through His son Jesus Christ, and am grateful that He gave this lady a heart to forgive me.  I sure hope I practice forgiveness and patience as I hope others do in me.

  Who knows, maybe her and I will be friends out of all this.  All I know is that God is amazing and there is no limit to what He will accomplish!

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