Thursday, September 6, 2012

My apologies

  So a few years ago, I was at a frozen yogurt get together among friends.  There was this other lady there who took her child out of Mt. View and put her into the school that my children are attending for the first time this year.  My friend Wanda asked this woman during the frozen yogurt thing what was better about the new school.  The woman went on to say somethings, and I got defensive.  I said some things that were pretty shrewd, things that I can't even believe came out of my mouth.  The next day I realized the error of my ways.  The things I said were nothing Jesus would have approved of, and were certainly not spoken out of love.  The next day I got on Facebook and made a public apology for my actions, but the woman (whom I had no idea what her name was) was not a friend of mine, so she never seen it.  The reason I apologized publicly is because my comments were so asinine that everyone within ear shot deserved to be apologized to.

  One of the other moms from my daughters class was telling me about this girl who was going to be my daughters classmate and that she looks like and reminds her of my daughter...her name is actually a nickname we call my daughter some times.  This morning I was curious to see what this little girl looked like.  I spotted her right away because she did have some similar features, then I really wanted to see her mom to see if she looked like me...she didn't look like me.  Can you guess by now who she looked like?  OUCH!  It was the woman!!! The one I was so rude to.  We made eye contact.  I was trying to deny in my mind that it was her, trying to look as deeply as possible to see some where, some way that this could not possibly be the woman, I didn't even know her child was in the same grade as mine.  It did not matter how hard I looked, or how much of that river in Egypt I tried to grasp...It. was. her.

  So now what?  I could swear she recognized me, I could swear she held anger and discontent toward me, I could swear she was going to go to the principal and tell him everything I said.

  I don't know how much of that is true, but I can tell you that there is a strong conviction to find her again, and explain who I am, and finally get the chance to apologize face to face.  Weather she forgives me or not, I am still sorry for what I did.

  I told my daughter that apologizing is hard for a reason.  It is hard so that we never want to do the thing again that made us sorry.  This is so true.

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