Friday, June 1, 2012

Good bye Mountain View Christian School

Something that seemed so far away, is now very near.  It's time to face it.  Our school Moutain View Christian is closing it's doors after June 8th.  I have one more week.  One more week to have most of my friends concentrated in one place.
One more week to watch these children who have a special place in my heart play.
One more week to set up and take down the lunch room in anticipation of kids sharing, laughing, and eating.
One more week to see fellow staff going above and beyond what they are required.  The extra mile.
I am not sure that I have ever worked in a place where I have seen so many people love each other and pull together as they do.  Sure it's not perfect 100% of the time, but for those times when it is, it's worth it!
So instead of sulking away the whole week, I am going to take the opportunity to just listen to, enjoy, and love on my co workers.
I will give kind encouraging words to the kids.  I will show them kindness, and love.  I will share hugs with the ones who want them, and smiles with the ones who don't.  I will be compassionate to their needs. This is nothing new that I am doing, however for this last week my eyes will be open, and I will see just how important these children are to me.
Good bye Mountain View, thank you for letting me be a part of your heritage.

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