Tuesday, June 12, 2012

    My van is in the shop so we had to take my husbands 1998 Mitsubishi Montero to the grocery store.  I told the girls it's like an adventure to use things out of the norm.  This is how we make memories; going without what we are used to.  First realization...one radio station that you don't dare try to change it because there is no antenna.  So we were rockin it old school...I was enjoying the beetles.   I was able to share some insight with my girls and enlighten them to the fact that cars didn't always have seat belts.  I was going on about the '65 Chevy pick up my dad loaned me while he was working on my '78 mustang II.  I was explaining that my mom wouldn't let me take it on the freeway because it had no seat belts.  Emily asked me what it looked like and after I was done explaining, I said "I sure wish I had that truck now"  Then I realized what I sounded like.  Oh my gosh!  I am my parents!

  On the way out of the grocery store we seen my daughters teacher.  It was nice to see her, and it also felt nice to see a familiar face.  We have lived here almost 3 years and I am beginning to see more people I know when I go into town.  It's really nice.  I grew up in California where that really did not happen.  I had always dreamed of living in a small town and seeing people I knew everywhere I went.  I kind of had that when I lived in Oregon, however...I digress.

  When we got home I was totally multi tasking, as I knew I had to have dinner ready and have the groceries put away all around the same time.  So I turned on the radio to help me along.  This little radio is hit and miss with my favorite station.  So I had to settle on another station.  Stevie Ray Vaughn's "Pride and Joy" came on and I lost it!  Out came the wooden spoon and I was all over the kitchen, dancing, singing, cooking.  I was actually having fun!  The song ended and it was like the DJ was talking to me he said "man that ended way too fast".  He must have seen my sweet dance moves going on in the kitchen and didn't want them to stop.  (If I made money by how good I can dance, I would be deep in debt).

  Later tonight my husband opened one of the kitchen drawers and he was concerned why the drawer wouldn't close all the way, so I pulled the drawer out and there were 3 oven mittens and 2 pot holders in the back of there!  I said "these aren't mine".  I was chuckling because those have been sitting back there the whole time we have lived here and I had no idea.  They are some of the ugliest potholders I have ever seen, but I am keeping them because a pot holder is a pot holder!

  So boring as it may be, there was a little glimpse into my life today.  I have more I would like to add, but my time is up I am afraid.  Good night friends.

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