Saturday, June 9, 2012

My beef about sunscreen

  About two years ago I checked out this book about vitamins from the library, and I found the most interesting facts about vitamin D.  One of the things I read was that the sun was the best, most efficient way to get vitamin D.  We cannot get it through closed car windows, nor through sunscreen.  Our bodies get it in the summer and store it up for the winter.  For people who live in the Pacific NW, or those who never let the sun touch their bare skin, you need to read this article PLEASE!  I am getting so frustrated with the huge push of sunscreen!  I use it, but I also allow the sun to hit my skin for at least 15 minutes each time I am out in it.  click here for article from live strong Vitamin D may be more of a vital commodity than you think.  There is a difference between getting what you need and overexposure.  Thank you for your time :)

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