Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Do I have enough yarn?

I had a dream last night. Not sure why, but I was in the store...could have been any store that sells yarn, and I had picked out some green yarn. I had it in my arms and was all ready to get to the check out, when I thought to myself "what in the world are you going to use this yarn for?" I went through a series of trying to talk myself into buying the yarn (why?) green is my least favorite color.

I am not one to analize dreams, however if I were going to analize this one I would come to the conclution yarn stash is large enough....


  1. Happy New Year from Australia! If you get a chance to watch the fireworks from Sydney, do so; they were spectacular!!! As you probably know it is New Year here "first" in the world (or close to it) so we are good at celebrating!
    Hope your start to 2009 will be blessed with happiness, health and enough time to start (and complete) many great crafty projects! We are going on holidays on Saturday for ten days and I have snuck a few small projects into my luggage. I am exploring beading at the moment, making some Christmas trees in readiness for Christmas this know that "time flies" so it will be with us again before we know it!
    I also love to knit and just have to wait til our Autumn (fall) starts in March because it is too hot to do any knitting until then, unless you are working with cotton.
    Love to you all, Elizabeth x

  2. Oh my gosh, we are so on the same wave length. I have been crocheing and knitting like crazy and did explore the beading world, however crocheing I think has taken over my life!