Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Yep...i do have better to do.

My daughters received Kathy Kruse dolls for Christmas. I think I am more in love with these sweet little imitations of children, than my kids are.
I made this hat using Simplicity pattern 4332. On the left of the doll is my youngest daugher. She is quite used to being behind the camera (in case yoiu couldn't tell by the instant smile) so she was eager to be in the pose.
The pattern I used is for a ladies hat, but i just shrunk it down to fit the dolls heads after several trial and errors. During the making of the hats a quote came to my mind "mistakes are the greatest key to learning". I think I made it up...who knows..
As I was saying...about the mistakes...I never really knew that until I began crafting. More so with knitting, and crocheting. I think in scrapping there is more room for mistakes. I have also learned with my mistakes that one can find some pretty cool ways to do things they never knew existed. Just think of "Sewards folly" That was the 2 million dollar purchase of Alaska.
In my life in this day I trust in Jesus Christ for my strength, my marriage, my patience, my child rearing...you get the idea. As time goes by I tend to loose traction...forget to seek first the kingdom of God and ALL His RIGHTEOUSNESS, fall off the wagon a little bit. Suck down a few beers before a difficult situation. Instead of going in prayer and the Word.
But when I make those mistakes there is always forgiveness and I come out stronger. To quote my pastor "I am not perfect...Just perfectly forgiven" I am glad God keeps me on a short leash. I pray that he yanks me back when I need it.
Ok so I guess I am done blogging for now...wow this feels good!

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  1. Glad you are enjoying blogging. It's very therapeutic. And thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to leave me a message. It really helps keep me going and keep the faith that my patience really will pay off eventually. This is the second Christmas, New Years, and Possibly Valentine's Day Randy and I have had to spend apart so I just hope sometime in February we get to be together. If not I'll be sad but I'll survive no matter how much it feels like I won't :) Take Care.