Friday, November 27, 2015

Running: It saves my sanity and my waistline

I will never forget that feeling that came over me when I took a boot camp class at the gym, and after we were done with the weights and body resistance workout the instructor put us on the treadmill.  With each bump of the speed I felt a freeing high emotion that I can barely explain.  Could it be that I got my first runners high in the 5 minutes that I was on that treadmill?  I guess anything is possible.

As I exercised my right to run more frequently I had some difficult runs, but mostly really good runs.  I had anxiety over distance, and struggled to find time.  I loved the summer and refused to run (outside) in the winter, especially after training with my daughter for a race in January of 2014.  That was almost two years ago.

Since then I have run 2 marathons after I said I wouldn't likely run even one.  The training was over the spring for one, and the summer for the next…practically back to back.

I thought I was going to get burned out, and I kind of did.  I swore I was taking the winter off and finding a new way to exercise without winter weather exposure.  But something was happening to me.

My mood and my muffin top weren't improving.

So I found myself texting my running partner quite frequently.  Suddenly the winter elements had no hold on me.

Carving out time wasn't an issue!  Not many people are busy between 4 and 6 am.

I'm not saying all problems can be solved through running, but they sure can clear an angry head.  I think my kids would say I am a nicer mommy for it.  

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