Monday, June 29, 2015

The struggle

I have struggled since childhood with homosexuality being a sin according to the bible.

I remember my mom having a friend who was a lesbian and I thought she was the most greatest person I could know!  She was a girl, and fun, and lively, and she treated me so kind.  I was confused...was I not supposed to like her?

In this past couple of years I have struggled a lot more with my stance.  I had some hard hitting questions.  But they weren't for my clergyman, they weren't for my friends.  They were for Jesus.

I wanted to know, "God, aren't I just supposed to love?"  "Am I worldly if I don't put up a fight?"  "Is America going to hell in a hand basket if I be kind and befriend gay people?"  "Lord, I don't deny that you call it a sin, but how can I keep my understanding of your Word to be true, yet witness to my fellow humans that you are an amazing loving God?"  "It's like everyone wants to hear us say it is not a sin, and love is love etc.  as much as I would love to grab onto that I idea, I know this is not the way."  "So if I can't say that, Lord, what can I say?"

I can say that the only unforgivable sin is to reject Jesus Christ's free gift of Salvation and Love.  I can say that yes, you can still be a homosexual and have a relationship with Jesus.  I can say that whatever happens with you and your sexuality and salvation after you accept Jesus into your heart is YOUR and GODS business not mine.  I can relax and say I love you no matter what...okay, well if you are not nice to me I will have a harder time loving you, but I assure you I will not judge because that is too hard and that is why it is not my job.  

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