Thursday, May 21, 2015

The past ten months

I decided to take on a lot this year.  Every year I write myself a letter about the things that I want to accomplish in the next year, or the things that I feel are worrying me in the present year.  I do it every year at Christmas time.  It's not my idea, but I am going to take the credit for now because it's a long story of how I got started.

December 2013's letter had some specifics in it, one being that I wanted to go to church consistently.  I no longer wanted to make excuses and be lackadaisical with my spiritual growth.  I wanted my family to be able to count on going every Sunday, and to teach them that this is very essential.  So I signed up to be a teacher in the 5th grade children's ministry at my church.  It is a big commitment as we don't trade off and work only 1-2 Sundays out of the month.  We are to be there every Sunday, unless we pre arrange a substitute.  You may think this is a little overboard but I, however, do not.  The design is so that the student and teachers can develop relationships and have a trusted rapport.  I am nearing the end of a 10 month stint at this and I can say the design is exceptional.  The children can come to class knowing that at least one person they are familiar with will be there.  What a blessing!  I got growth and commitment out of it, and I hope in turn that the children's faith has grown stronger in the process, as I know mine has :)

Another commitment I took on was to host an exchange student from China.
This has been another learning experience.  I am grateful to have a glimpse of what it will be like to have had a teen age daughter before I actually had a teen age daughter (mine just turned 13!).  I have had to learn to control my temper and come away from my selfishness.  I wish I could tell you that I perfected the patience and humility thing in the last 9 months, but I don't think that is going to happen until I see St. Peter…  I have enjoyed having someone who values my advice and dare I say wisdom.  There have been plenty of ups and downs, but to participate in someones future by helping them to find their success in America has been rewarding.

Work: God has certainly blessed me with a steady flow of clients.  Right now I have a very great group of clients that have stayed with me for at least 2 months or more.  It is such a blessing to see them change, and begin to feel better!  I love engaging with each one of them, I very much look forward to my time hearing about their lives as I help them strengthen their bodies.  I love troubleshooting situations that may be stumbling blocks.  I owe a lot to my clients over the past year as I have gained so much experience and knowledge.

Running:  I have stepped up my running game to the max (in my opinion).  I signed up for two full marathons.  My client/friend Jessie has encouraged me so much more than she will ever realize, she is running her first Marathon with me in October.  My first marathon will be June 13th.  I have trained more than I ever thought possible, and in conditions that I swore off when I first started.  When I have a goal that I am bent on achieving, all my little rules go out the window.  They talk on the podcast I listen to about the big let down after you achieve your marathon and reach your goal.  That is a very real concern for me right now.  I want it to happen and be over so I can have a short break, but it's kind of like Christmas where the build up is part of the fun.  

Next year is already filling up with obligations, most of them revolving around one little (almost) 8th graders trip to D.C.

I'll keep you posted :)

Thanks for reading 

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