Thursday, February 6, 2014

I know my triggers for set backs

As the wind blusters, and the snow swirls around outside, I am thankful to be safely warm at home.  I also figured that this would be a good time to add to my poor neglected de-cluttering situation.

The one "room" I was able to tackle this week, so far, was the garage.  I am keeping in mind that there are still some changes I could make to it, but it is exhausting work and I just wanted it to be done.

 This kind of thing happens to my garage more often than not.  I have had this thing so spiffy, and then it's like I just stop trying, then I get overwhelmed.
Unfortunately some of the stuff that looks like clutter are summer toys that need this storage at the moment.

I am at a point where I have really begun to put the hammer down on routine cleaning.  I also have my girls helping me.  One way I learned from the Fly Lady  on how to keep a bathroom clean is to wipe down the surfaces, toilet, and swish in the toilet bowl with the brush daily.  With her plan the whole bathroom is kept clean in this type of style, you just don't ever have to do it all at once.  My girls (with incentive) clean the bathrooms in the morning everyday before school.  Their other before school task includes making sure the pets are fed and watered, on top of making certain they are ready for school.  I think I may add that they be sure their rooms are picked up.  That way when they get home from school, the only thing they need to worry about it homework.  We have put into place the idea of rinsing out ones dish and putting it into the dishwasher.  Everything takes time.

As I am still in the process of getting all the rooms de-cluttered I feel as though I cannot commit the hour a day it takes to complete the morning, evening, daily, and weekly tasks yet.  I would rather commit that one hour to de-cluttering.  So what am I doing blogging?  Oh man, I just need to share I guess.

There are two things that happen to me when I begin to keep up and use the book I made.  One is that I start to get my head above water (socks begin to have matches, all the laundry is done, all the dishes are clean an put away, the hot spots are cleaned up) and the other thing is anxiety.  I am fearful that if I do not complete my daily tasks everyday, it will all crumble.  The reason I have this fear, is because of past behavior.  Just like in weight loss, I know the cycle and the triggers for set backs.  

We bought a second dog bed, and I have begun the "kick the dogs off my couch" process.  I plan to train them to stay off my couch, then I will clean it and put a very nice couch cover on it.  Here is my method.  
I have to put stuff on the couch constantly so they do not get on it.  
In return, they can get accustomed to laying in their beds.

I am going to go for now because as it is, I cannot sit in one place for too long knowing that I could be using this time to get stuff done.  Yesterday I was a machine!  I got almost all caught up on the laundry, and was able to wash out the microwave!  When I get all de-cluttered and into full swing with my book I made, I will go into more detail of what I did.  
Thank you for taking the time to read this!  

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