Saturday, January 11, 2014

Building operation De-clutter

Whew!  Well, today began with an email to Monica telling her I was getting a consult with a personal organizer and asking her what to look for in her services. Monica called me right away and suggested that I grab a clip board and take it into every space with me all day long.   The things to write were all about what I needed and wanted for that particular space.  She also said something about dividing a paper up into quadrants…after the thought of math entered my mind, she kind of lost me for a minute.  I will have to ask her again about that.

As I did this, a lot of things rolled through my mind.  The thing that spoke the loudest was, "you don't need help de-cluttering, just repurposing.  You should call her and tell her not to come for another few weeks."  Then I thought about the fact that just the mere thought of this woman coming to help me had lit a fire under my bum, and I had done more today than in the past two months.  So I am hanging in there.

One thing about Monica that I cherished about her skill was her ability to take things that I already own, and put them where they will serve me better.  She calls this repurpose, and shopping from within.  The way she explained it was that I buy the things I like, but do not have a purpose for it. What she had done was simply shopped from what I already had, and found a more suitable purpose for it.  She said that is completely normal.  I explained that I am aware I like to do that, and have had to really back off from it.

When I spoke to the personal organizer over the phone she asked me which spaces I would need help with.  I thought to myself "All of them, of course!", but really thought about it from a financial perspective and came up with the kitchen, master bathroom, and master bedroom.  Now that I have had time to evaluate my home with a critical eye, I have settled on the master bathroom, master closet, computer desk, and kitchen.

The deal I wish to work with her is that I will do my best to get rid of the clutter, then she can move in and help me put things in places that make more sense.

My plan
1. Clear clutter
2. Organize what's left
3. Make a cleaning schedule.  I used to go by the fly lady's plan, and I loved it!  I haven't followed in years :(
4. Finally have a clear mind so I can focus on the People I love, and the things I enjoy…like personal training!  I already focus on that, but cannot imagine the possibilities of this mind once the weight of my house hold responsibilities are manageable.  I may even discover that I like cooking!

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned!


  1. This is great! I'm moving next month exactly 30 days from today and I'm struggling too. I can't get this fly lady's plan to open on my phone. I would love anything that can help me out!

  2. Great info! I'm inspired! I look forward to reading about your progress and trying to implement it around here!