Thursday, January 10, 2013

Admitting I may have been wrong?...sort of.

     The moment I saw those two lines crossed in the shape of a plus I made a vow.  I was determined.  I was going to make a safe place for a baby to grow, take nourishment from food that I did not even enjoy.  It wasn't going to be about a pregnant eating fest, I was going to be the picture of health.  
     Have you ever tasted brown rice?  Let me ask you this, when you tasted it had you expected it to taste a little like white rice?  I was going to be the perfect picture of health for this life inside me, but really whole grains weren't that important, in the grand scheme of things.
     Fast forward a few years, I had gone now through two pregnancies and two births. I was blessed with two little girls.  I may have messed up nutrition with the first one, but I would be remiss to do it again!  It wasn't very long until Captain Crunch was calling my name.  I had enough crunch doodles with a feeble attempt of a sugar coating.  Besides, I had to eat that rubbish my whole life.  I did not want my kids to feel deprived, and go off the deep end when they are adults as I did.  I was going to be the picture of health, but a little sweet cereal in the morning wasn't a big deal... in the grand scheme of things.
   Life moves fast, and nutrition should move with it.  My attempts to make my second daughter a nutritious prodigy got lost in the bustle of life.  This could be the point where I give all sorts of excuses why it happened, but I will not.  All the excuses in the world would not bring back the chance I had to give my children proper eating habits.  I believe my husband and I have made some very good decisions, and have done a number of things correctly.  I stand firm in our commitment to their eating methods ; not forcing them to eat everything on their plate, not offering more eating for eating: i.e. treats.
     You may ask why the sudden conscious retort regarding nutrition?  The answer is that I am now learning about it in a method I can appreciate.  Over the years upon hearing about the damaging effect of high fructose corn syrup, or dangerous GMO's, or...(you get the picture), its over all result on my lifestyle was my obstinacy.  I felt these articles, media posts, and news casts were nothing more than a passing fad, a rant in which people could have something they could use to pick apart the foods I liked to eat.
     The more I learn through my professor and books on how the body works with the foods we eat, I realize just how vital nutrition is.  All is not lost with my children and how they eat.  My husband and I are taking another stand when it comes to dinner time.  We are making small changes in all of our eating habits that we hope will turn into big results.  

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